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At Brandt Creative, we believe that every business deserves a unique and memorable brand identity and online presence that sets them apart from their competition. That’s why we offer a range of design services that can help you build a brand that truly represents your company’s values and mission.

Our pricing is designed to be transparent and easy to understand, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you work with us. Pricing is listed in USD and payment plans are available. Here are our pricing options for some of our most popular services:


If you’re looking for a complete brand identity package, our pricing starts at $5k. This package includes a custom logo design, brand color palette, typography, and brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all your marketing materials.


Branding is so much more than a logo and some color choices. Our strategy package starts at $5k and is essential for new businesses looking to craft a strategic brand presence. If you’re looking for clarity with business naming, messaging, identifying your ideal client avatar, and competitor analysis – this workshop is for you. 


Our website design services start at $12k. We’ll create a custom website that not only looks great but also performs well, with a focus on user experience and conversion optimization. This includes website strategy, software audit, and systems optimization.


If you’re tired of using various third-party software (Kajabi, Thinkific, Circle, Mightynetworks, etc.) to run your business, this package may be for you. Our platform buildouts start at $15k and we work with you to strategically craft a custom platform that allows you to serve your clients all in one branded, ownable, extremely customizable place. Don’t build your business around software, build your software around your business.


Building an app is no small feat, but can take your business to the next level. Partnering with the right design and development team is essential to make your app project a success. Investment starts at $100k and begins with a strategy call with our developers to ensure this is the right move for your business.


We provide in-house copywriting and SEO to ensure every piece of your online presence is strategic and well-crafted. These services can be booked as an add-on to your web project or as a retainer package for an ongoing SEO strategy.

Investing in professional branding and web design for your fitness business can have many benefits. It can help you differentiate yourself from competitors, build trust and credibility, increase customer engagement and loyalty, improve user experience, and save costs in the long run. By creating a unique brand identity and a user-friendly website, you can attract more customers and increase revenue. At Brandt Creative, we believe in the power of professional branding and web design to help fitness businesses succeed. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you grow your business.


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