Website templates strategically built for your industry.

You joined this industry to make a difference, not to stare at your laptop. This is creative material at your fingertips so you can stop with the blank-page-syndrome and start doing what you do best: serving your incredible clients.

how it works (it’s a friggin’ breeze)


Choose your template.

After working with over 100 fitness and wellness clients, we noticed trends in the structure, strategy, and technical needs of a coaching website. These templates are designed with this information front-of-mind. Simply choose the template style that best fits your business, and follow our platform comparison chart to decide where you’d like to build your website!


Follow along with the tutorials.

Easy drag-and-drop, copy-paste editing allows you to move sections, add new features, and really make this template your own. Each website built on the template looks different than the next because you have full editing freedom to customize it to your business needs. Follow along with our course-style tutorial library to easily build a website that looks custom and complex, but is actually hella simple to build.


Launch your website!

Follow our guides to optimize your SEO, connect to your domain, and launch the website of your dreams. After launch, this website grows with you. Start small with a basic “about me” website, add on a shop and blog when you’re ready, and even build your website into a full custom membership experience without switching platforms. 

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for squarespace and wordpress


A clean, dynamic template built for the gritty coaching powerhouses looking to make an impact. A template that works as hard as you do, this template is designed to be bold, powerful, and create and convert leads so you can build the business of your dreams.


The Firestarter Template was created for our content creators and educators. It includes some extras like:

🎙 A podcast page
🗞 A press page
™️ A brand affiliates page


We built this website template for outdoor and fitness entrepreneurs, featuring things like:
🤠in-person (or virtual!) retreats
🤙 Training plans
🐾 Community sales pages

Created for the bold adventurers and storytellers to help you do what you do best: inspire the heck out of your audience.

“My website is finally something I’m proud to share,”

- sarah canney, founder of rise run retreat